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The Year of Being Visible - The 26th Annual Juried Show at the Athenaeum

I'm not sure I have talked about the quirky annual resolution "thing" that I do. Last year, 2016, it was, The Year of the Body. I took it to heart, got a new tattoo, changed my lifestyle including my diet, began a lovely yoga practice, and scheduled monthly massages. I generally focused on taking care of myself in a way that was radically different than before.

And, along came December, precursor to 2017. I am sitting at Brockton Villa with my sweet friend Susan Wells. The fire is going, it's raining outside so we are cozy and warm. We are chatting about our friendship, what we want to do in the coming new year. And I blurt out, "I think this will be the year of being visible". What? Where did that come from? Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than being visible. I wasn't sure what I meant, or how this would manifest. I was already posting on instagram a lot, and facebook sometimes. I have this blog. But how visible am I, really. I show you only wha…

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