Creating as a Daily Practice

In the busyness of life, it is so crucial to remember that in order to have balance I must be able to create each and every day. One of the best ways to do it, is to set aside time (as you would with any appointment in your calendar) and sit down in the studio. Schedule a meeting with your "Self "- the part of you that must connect.

I have to be careful. If I am scheduling this meet-and-greet too late in the evening - it is hard for me to fall asleep and wake up in good time to get to my day job. So, it is better to give it very early attention - so getting up an hour earlier and sitting in the studio is the best for me. What is the best for you? It depends on the demands of family and day-job, really. Everyone is so very different, at the core. Find what works best for you, and start.

This small format really works for me. This is a vintage receipt book and the pages are a perfect 6x9. I can get paint and paper down quickly, before I have too much time to think about it. I find that the key to daily creating is the ability to let go of outcome, and welcome the process. I never know what each collage will be. And it is that mystery that keeps me coming back for more. Hush the critic, so that you lean in and listen to the whisper (or the shout) of your soul.


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