Nature and Bookmaking

Tea stained folded book with flora from my garden ready for imprinting. 
When I think of how perfect the combination of nature and bookmaking are, and the possibilities to add natural content to paper  - it makes me supremely happy. There is never any season, or time that nature is not available. The possibilities are endless, and each element has its own imprint, its own memory. Alice Fox has been a fun person to follow, her continuing exploration of rust, flora and staining on paper and weaving is marvelous to behold. I highly recommend her books, which are lovely. She also does workshops in the UK.

Pamphlet bound journals eco-dyed using local flora from my neighborhood.
I find it is the incredible random capture of an eco-dyed image that is so thrilling. Using paper or fabric, the process and flora will reveal exactly what it wants to reveal. Not what you think will happen, at all. Oh, you can try to control the outcome - but I recommend letting go. Pretend you are the first explorer of this amazing alchemy, and use what you have in your own garden. Experiment. Transform your busy life into a precious moment-by-moment sacred practice only you can render. 
Sometimes I bet that you wonder when you will be able to do all of the creative endeavors that call to you. If you are like me, you may have a day job that takes a lot of energy and time. And, I am so very grateful to have my day job! It does mean that all the other things that I do must be focused on when I available to my studio.  My only advice; don't wait. Don't wait for your retirement to begin a creative life. Don't wait for the weekend, for the vacation you have planned or the time that your spouse will be away from the house so you can have some, "quiet time". 

Begin now. As if there were no tomorrow, and no yesterday, either. As my sweet father would remind me. 


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