Abandon yourself to creating

Mixed media on paper.

At the moment I am creating, I am focused intently on what is in front of me. Not what I am thinking, not what the day before was like, or when to eat the next meal. I am looking and making small choices all the way along. Until I stop. When I start up again, it's the same thing. This is true whether I am painting, doing mixed media, knitting or stitching. It's the abandon that I crave.

Mixed media on paper.
You might also call it the quiet space, or a zen-like period where time stands still and passes without an notice on my part. No matter what you call it, you know what it is and how it feels. So, why do we avoid making, when it can send us into this bliss? Why do we do the dishes (there will be more dirty ones later), watch television (the brain killer), or pick any of the mundane tasks that will be the choice for that day? Why not create in the studio? This is the eternal conundrum. So, take a deep breath, remember that there is no one in the world more important than you (aside from an infant that depends on your nurturing and love), and nothing that can't wait 20 minutes while you slip into the studio and make the mark you are meant to make. 

Mixed media on paper with ink.


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