Once upon a time, there was a special place for dancing. This magical ballroom spoke of couples held close, hands touching and where fluid movement was second nature, nothing forced. Whispers in ears and smiles. Here we would abandon our imagined shortcomings, give ourselves to music with our hearts beating and forget the passage of time.

Have you been there too? When can we go back? How can we hold the moment breathlessly and forever?

I believe that there is a story for every collage I create. I know it because I feel what this couple is feeling, captured here as the centerpiece of artwork that flows like a song. Although, my work may seem minimal, or simple - I make many choices all along the way. Each line, smudge, photo and piece of paper and splash of paint is added in relation to what already exists.

These two, they  deserve the thoughtful environment - the care - and I love them, these strangers that have touched me so deeply.


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