Sweet Knit and Eco Printed Book

Knitted fabric, found lace.
Lately, I have been doing quite a bit of knitting and bookmaking. If you follow me on Instagram (birdneststudio) then you know that I try to finish projects before I start something new - often successfully - sometimes not so much;) The knitted project on the cover of this book is a scarf that was created on tiny needles and works really well

Using what is at hand, is much more important to me as I work more and more in my studio. Not only because I have so many things accumulated over the years, but also for the challenge of mixing materials I wouldn't normally mix.

A bit of reclaimed book binding and charcoal outline. 

Pieces of fern and string.
The interior of the book started with eco printing using plants from the garden, wrapping them between pages, binding with twine and boiling in tea. Because of the unpredictable nature of eco printing and the heavy type of paper used, the impression of the plants and leaves are lovely and soft. More ghostlike.

Love using string, pieces of old book binding and other textures for dimensional fun.
Leaf printing and charcoal.
 Leaf printing and charcoal shading helped to bring the some of the images to the foreground. I also love to use ink, in this case I only used white ink, to add a sense of immediacy and depth. Basically, I tried to use the soft knitted fabric as a springboard for other colors, and shapes in the pages.
Inside front cover, showing stitching of knitted fabric to the book. 


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