Slow Down

Recently I found myself recovering from a terrible cold and cough. I was so surprised to be so sick. Usually, I recover quickly from colds, and other symptoms, but not this one. I was home from work for four days and found that I really had to rest and slow down in order to allow my body to heal.

Slowing down and letting go of all things I "think" I should be doing is very difficult. I was too sick to work in my studio. And found that knitting is one way to get to that zen place. One stitch at a time, gets me into the zone and I am able to let go of all preconceived notions of "doing".

The simple rhythm of knitting a hat, makes me happy. It feels good to have my hands moving while my body rests, and to discover how very grateful I am to be able to sooth my soul in such a way. 


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