New Directions

As each day comes, I must continue to check in with myself and decide what is that best course of action to take, Should I stay the course, or is it time to begin a new adventure, turn a page and all those other cliches? It might be.

July, 2016 is that time for me. After a 4-day weekend over the 4th, I had plenty of time to ponder if I am really doing what feeds my soul. Do I have the purpose that makes each new day feel vibrant and whole? Am I whole? If not, how can I bring that in and what would that require? Nothing drastic, nothing that puts me at risk,

And there, my friend is the rub. Gently, slowly. One day at a time I bring the right stuff forward. My true north requires me to be diligent and a risk taker. It means that I must put my current needs before the needs of others, no matter who they are.

It means teaching more. Creating more. It means showing up at the most elemental level for myself and flowing with what life offers. When you have a purpose, you have everything.


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