Happy Birthday to Me GIVEAWAY!

Well, it isn't my birthday yet! But February is right around the corner - So, to celebrate I am going to send out this box of goodies Priority Mail on February 4th - next Thursday. All you have to do is leave a comment by midnight February 3rd, and tell me what you love about the month of February!

Here is a list of what's in the box - Vintage tin child's tea cup, saucer and plate; vintage shipping labels; vintage Rhode Island hankie; vintage doilies; vintage pack of fabric in pinks and whites; vingage rose notecards; red millinery leaves; vintage french pages; an image like Marie Antoinette; red polkadot ruffle trim; vintage pink millinery roses; valentine reproduction die cuts; and, teeny red velvet daisies! I will add a couple of other fun surprises, of course!


  1. Happy Birthday! Valentine's day is great, but for me I love Groundhog's day because that's the sign that spring is right around the corner, and it's time to order seeds for the garden!

  2. Feb is special to me because my dear Mum has her birthday on Valentines day....so if I won this gorgeous pack I would share the vintage love with my Mummy!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Dear Elise...
    February is all about love month.... a fun holiday with Valentine's Day. However, February was always a good month when my Gram was alive, her birthday was February 4th. I lost Gram on Thanksgiving in 2008 - so a very short time ago...it's been very hard. So needless to say, in a few days I will be thinking of her alot, AND YOU TOO!
    xo and Happy Birthday

  4. Dear Elise...
    How very special is that also that you have the same birthday as my dear sweet Gram did.

  5. Hello Elise,

    Happy Birthday! You have such fabulous taste! I love every treasure that you find. My favorite thing about February are those simply perfect Southern California days...when it is clear and bright and the sun warms you, but the shade is still cool. It is the perfect time of year here.
    x Erika O.

  6. Happy Birthday! I love February. My daughter's b-day is Feb 7, and around the first of the month we start to look around for what we call her birthday flowers: sweet violets, pink camelias, and flowering quince. The quince has great timing, it ALWAYS blooms on Jen's b-day! Wishing you a sweet birthday too, SUE

  7. Dear Elise,

    I'm writing from Estonia to see if it's bound to happen that I could receive this lovely box of goodies. So the best thing about February is definately the possibility to usually enjoy the last big amounts of snow. And the best way to do it in Estonia is on a shrove Tuesday!
    Snowy wishes for your birthday!

  8. such a great giveaway! happy upcoming birthday elise!

    right now i think my favorite thing about Feb. is remembering valentine's day when i was little- cupcake parties, candy grams, glitter on paper doilies, neccos and little cards....

    thanks! fingers crossed...

  9. Happy b-day!!! (well... when ever it is!)
    Favorite thing about February... Valentine's day - love is in the air I think all Feb for me! (Was a Florist for 5 + years... so it was always busy for us, but I loved it!)

    WOW - beautiful lovely items! Would love to win! favorite item poping in my mind is the Vintage Rhode Island hankie... but all is totally beauctiful!
    Hugs from snowy Canada!

  10. Favourite thing about the month of February ~ Valentines ♥
    Lovely parcel of goodies! Happy Birthday!

  11. Valentine's Day for me is all about love. To make sure all the special people in my life know how much i love them esp. my hubby and kids.

    What a great pkg of goodies to win. That would make my day.
    My fingers are crossed!!!!!

    Suzane Richmond

  12. Oh Happy Birthday!!

    I love the month of February because it's one month closer to SPRING. I hate winter and I'm always glad to see it go...

    Also, in my area (Chicago 'burbs) we usually start seeing fresh strawberries on sale at the local stores around Valentine's Day and that begins strawberry season here. And I pretty much live for strawberries - YUM!

    Thanks for the chance to win all those awesome crafty supplies. You ALWAYS have the best vintage goodies! xx

  13. GASP!

    i must win!

    my name is elyse and i live in rhode island and i am gasping and swooning over everything!

    what do i love about february? this giveaway!

    elyse from rhode island who is swooning and gasping :)

  14. What I love about February? All the Christmas busy-ness is past. Sometimes we get a nice big snowstorm and a series of snowed-in days just to be cozy and dream of spring. Comfort food, old movies, blog hopping - so much to love about February!

  15. What I love about February: spring is just around the corner, Valentine's Day (love all the RED decorations - my fave color), and that the month seems just a lot more relaxed than the previous three months. Have a happy birthday, Elise, and thanks for such an awesome giveaway!


  16. Hi Elise,

    Love all of your treasures! I love February because special people are born this month. I love Valentine's Day. I also love watching the snow fall and sipping on a cup of hot tea.


  17. I think I missed the deadline for the give away, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Happy Birthday! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

    I love February for the romance, the pink roses, and also that it is usually our last month of winter here. Spring is just around the corner. :)
    xoxo, Cerri

  18. Aaannddd I missed out on this one...darn it! Oh well, I'm sure the lucky winner will be delighted :)


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