Photo Day #9 - Be Gentle to Yourself

So much of my time is spent in my head trying to figure things out. Lately, I believe that is not the best place for me to spend time. In fact, I am pretty sure it isn't.

Now, I have plenty of time during the day to intellectually find solutions at my day job. There are certainly tasks, and projects that need my complete attention and all my faculties. That's not really what I mean.

I am talking about the other times of the day when I am running around in my head trying to catch up to the hundreds of things I can worry about. Over and over again. Usually this happens going to bed, waking up, driving in the car, walking, etc. You know the drill, one thing will set the whole whirling tornado in motion.

So for today, when those thoughts invade my headspace, I will say to myself "thoughts" and let them go. Unless it is something that needs my immediate attention, the rest can wait.


  1. Hi Elise; Love your thoughts for today. I have a great beaded bracelet that I bought in Canon Beach OR that has a bead that says, "free your mind and the rest with follow." I love it!

  2. Sometimes thoughts can just cripple you, can't they? They don't even have to be hard, ugly thoughts . . . the sheer number of things rumbling around in there getting all jumbled and tangled together . . . I get my thoughts all sorted out in the shower. I know! It's silly. If I really truly need to straighten them out, my husband will even suggest that I go take a shower. :)

    Of course, that's over simplified, but I definitely have noticed in the things you have written lately that you seem to be unsettled . . . I can't help but feel like I would like to take you on my favorite hike by the river where nothing but nature would intrude on your thoughts . . . a girlfriend went with me sort of recently, and as we walked she said that she could "just feel my blood pressure dropping".

    I wish you a nature hike, a picnic with a friend, an no important conversation . . . :)


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