Life on Life's Terms

 When I cancelled the Homeward Bound bookarts workshop planned for July 18th, (San Diego Pride is a huge event and our home is in the thick of it ;-)) I realized how excited I was to be teaching, and how disappointed I felt. I did a lot of prep, and even though it is anxiety provoking to get in front of people, they were people that I trust and love so I wanted to share and create with them. I will plan another - for September I think, this time. August is packed with plans and travel.
Thank you to the sweet souls who contacted me and/or signed up for the July 18th workshop. I love you, and appreciate your support and trust - I look forward to creating with you soon. I will contact each of you directly when I have a date nailed down in September.
Create. Begin now, as if there were no tomorrow, and no yesterday, either.


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