Homeward Bound - Room by Room
Book Arts Workshop Saturday, July 18, 2015 from 10:00 am to 2:00pm
Cost $40
Elise Amour
927 Johnson Avenue, San Diego 92103
I am so thrilled to be offering this book arts workshop at my house in San Diego. I have been making books and altering books for as long as I can remember. In the class offered on the 18th we will explore the theme of home, coming home, what home means for each of us and how an authentic creative life is the essence of building a strong personal foundation. 
We will be focusing on building this "house" from the ground up - there is no need to have any previous bookmaking experience or art background. We will use many different types of mark making materials and ephemera to "furnish" our house.
You will come away with a collection of pages proclaiming your creative life as a personal "home" you can built upon, and add to over time.
I will supply the paper for the book and the cardboard cover templates. I have room for 10 students and you can pay via paypal to my eamail address above, or on the 18th. But please let me know if you wish to reserve a space.  Looking forward to seeing you, and creating together.


Acrylic paints (just a few of your favorites),
India ink in a couple of colors
Water souluble pencils or crayons
Matte medium, white gesso, black gesso
paint brushes small to about 1"
one xerox copy of a photo of yourself no larger than 3x3 inches,
Ephemera of your choosing
magazine images or xerox copies of structures (houses - barns - pagodas - caves - shacks - abandoned houses - castles - tents - yurts - you get the idea;)
Masking tape
black permanent pen


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