Beginning Again

Last night I had a dream that I was going to start a business. A restaurant. The potential venue was small and I was trying to figure out how to reinvent this tiny cafe (with two ovens, a fireplace and grassy dirt floor) into a viable business. I remember thinking, "How will I do this all by myself?" Pretty sure I have been saying that to myself for a long time. It's not easy asking for help, or accepting support when it comes. So why reinvent the wheel? I suppose it is part of my personality, an inner drive to go for it and just know I will need to start at step one, and then take step two. Bookmaking and teaching bookmaking are falling into this category. Luckily, I have wonderful Orly in my camp, cheering me on and finding teaching gigs when I am a little overwhelmed (I will be teaching on Whidbey Island at the Pacific Northwest School of Art, in July of 2016). I admit, I'm excited!


  1. ......and I am excited too to witness what is becoming of the new appearance of the blog.. XO Orly

  2. BTW...these books rock....beautiful!


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