Art-Making Spread 001

I might as well start at the beginning, right. I don't often post about my own art - I will share about my Etsy shop birdnestsandpaper - but my own art, so rarely. I know where I get it, that silence about creating. My dad! Yep! Although he created his entire life, in every medium possible, he never spoke about it . . . ever. If I asked, which I did often, he would tell me a little about what he was working on, or an exhibition he was putting together. He was a private man and even at his memorial it was a surprise to most people that he has written 3 novels, a screenplay and has hundreds of paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and ceramic pieces. Go figure. Although if you google him - Scott Amour - there are things around.

So posting this first spread of several that I will sharing over the next couple of months, breaks a legacy, in a way. Although, I don't talk about my art either. I don't pull out my paintings or my journals when someone comes over. I keep them closed when I'm not working. I am a private person around my art. I hold it close and cherish the moments that I get to create, in a hectic life - with a full-time job, a family and commitments. Love it. Love all of it.


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