It's Good to Laugh

Not every memory is difficult, and every moment is an opportunity to increase my connection to those around me and those who are no longer here. So many of my memories of my dad make me laugh! For one thing, he had a great sense of  dry humor - must be where I got it! When he decided to see a dentist in Tijuana (He lived in the San Francisco Bay Area) it gave us a week to enjoy horrible "B" movies, drink enormous amounts of coffee (we are within walking distance of a coffee shop here in San Diego), and just be together. Loved it.


    I love your dad too by now...and I miss him through you (-: handsome creature that he was. Beautiful postcards, beautiful Idea Elise...Keep on doing this, touching life through the mourning of your papa. Let me know when you post new postcards cause I don't see an option to subscribe.

  2. Speaking of laughter...
    While traveling in Europe with my father (Dad loved to travel with Elise, myself and my brothers, Scott and Morgan), I did some laundry with the convenient washing machine in our hotel room. When my father returned later that day, he wondered how I was able to accomplish this chore. I told him about using the little washing machine in our hotel room. He looked at me with his wise, adoring eyes and educated me that day. He told me, Peter, that's not a washing's a bidet.


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