A Space to Create

I have had lots of different spots over the years where I have set aside space and time to create. Sometimes it was the living room table, sometimes a space in my bedroom, I have also rented large spaces - now I have the "Studio" which is our small converted garage.

And I do mean small :) We live in a wonderful Craftsman home in San Diego with the original garage just the right size for a Model T! The plus (aside from having a private space to create) is that the original garage doors are so cool! They swing open carriage style and are lovely!

I also use part of this creative space to ship my Etsy orders! Fun and functional! I feel lucky, in so many ways. But I have also worked hard to make sure that I have a life filled with creative time, people and events. I have a wonderful day job, working with excellent people - how cool is that. And when I come home - all this is still here, waiting for me.

If you can - set aside a space just for you. Make it your own with a few sacred objects, and a bowl of fresh flowers. Sing a song of praise each morning that there is another day to create exactly what your heart desires, another day to love.


  1. Okay, I just realized that we had chatted before. I was also doing "Artful Thursdays" and have been by the see your post!!! I thought it was odd that you had my blog up!! Oh, how cool!! I missed doing those, but got so behind :0( I remember the garland you made. Simply beautiful.

    And I am loving the above picture of your garage. Did you paint those green and yellow stripes? And that red chest! Love the colors together!! That is a wonderful picture. Great inspiration.


  2. What a lovely space Elise...
    Funny I like to make art when my family is around, have my things right there in the living room (on a ping pong table), come back to my journal after dinner, etc. Have artistic activity mingled with other earthly matters. Have their chatter and liveliness around me at all times.


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