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When people contact me on Etsy for advice about their shop, or they ask what has worked for me, it always comes down to good photos! Of course price point, and tagging for SEO are important too! And excellent customer service is key. But, frankly, if a new customer arrives at my Etsy shop there are only a few seconds to get them to look around . . . and I guarantee you that good photos will keep them there longer.

So here are the steps I take with my photos . . .

Natural lighting in a fabric photo booth will eliminate most shadows and allows the item to stand out- my camera is always on auto focus (mainly because I am lazy and don't want to fool around with it). I use a macro lense, so the photos are clear but always a little dark.

I take several angles so that I have a couple to choose from,

And when I find one that I like, I manipulate the image in Iphoto on my mac. Usually I adjust the color levels (to get to the true color of the item), the exposure (helps to drop away the background) and the sharpness will help to bring out the details of the image.

I am careful not to remove all the marvelous vintage aging, and the various dings, cracks or chips in the image. And I describe it as best I can with all the flaws ;)

Varying the size of the images, and the angles really does help to make the experience in the shop interesting and fun! It should be fun, right!! When I am looking around on Etsy, I have fun!!

Also, the clearer your photos are - the more likely they will be found and used in treasuries - and that makes it more likely your item will make it to the Front Page on Etsy - and that is free advertising for your shop!


  1. Hey Elsie,
    I'm so glad you have a blog! And thanks for the photo tips. I am still working on getting my photos to a point that makes me happy. However, I do not use a photo editing software, I'm too lazy to sit down and figure it out. But I might need to find a simple one to use because your photos look so dang good!!

    Thanks for being an angel yesterday. It really made my day!!


    p.s. I have created a new blog, State of Grace Goods. Sorry I haven't updated the shop. I actually forgot about it :0)

  2. Great types Elise!
    Thanks for sharing them and I always love your photos, they truly catch the attention for sure!
    Take care
    Stephanie xo


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