January 1st is a morning like other mornings - but I put so much emphasis on starting fresh, a clean slate and new beginnings that I forget life has a tendency to flow. Not stop and start.

I don't feel like there is a clean slate this year, for some reason. I am unclear about where one moment begins and ends. Christmas seems like a dream, and as January moves on day-by-day I marvel at the passage of time, and my relationship to it.

The only way I have found to engage in timelessness is to honor the creative part of myself. To write, journal, paint or whatever! Only then am I part of the whole, connected. Otherwise I am only an observer - impatiently waiting for something to happen and wondering why it eludes me.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. Albert Einstein


  1. It must be catching, I had to try *really hard* to gather some significance to the new year, but honestly I don't feel it so much either. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing ;-)


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