Where Does the Time Go?

I can not believe that it is the Fall! In fact, today in San Diego there are thunder showers! Large dollops of rain hit my windshield this morning and think I might have laughed out loud.

For some reason, this time of year holds all sorts of mystery for me - I love watching some of the trees as I drive to work to see if these will be the ones that drop their leaves! The lovely golden color set against the dark clouds filled me with a sense of awe that is particular to this time of year!

I suppose I love it because so much seems to be coming to me from outside - weather is larger, the daylight casts longer shadows. The sea changes color to a deeper green - and the moon seems closer.

I love being part of something so much bigger than me.


  1. My favorite time...all because of the colors....
    You are awesome ms. Elise...you should know what I think about you...don't you think?

  2. Yes, Autumn is my fave time of year I think :) Though Spring is pretty fantastic too. Your description of your surroundings sounds just delightful. I would love to visit one day xx


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