Photo Day #8 - Create

I don't often show the studio space that I work in at home. Not sure why, probably because it is always in a state of flux and creative chaos. I get to work on something and then I leave it, and then I come back to it, and then I move it around - you get the picture! And I have two studios at home! One in the house and one in our sweet little garage (converted several years ago so I could paint).

The more I do creative work, the more clearly I see the need for balance in my life.

Everything you see was found at a thrift store or church rummage sale - the fan, the sweet bird cage music box, the lovely flower garland and you can just see the bottom of a mirror in the background! Got to love treasure hunting!


  1. what a sweet and cool vignette. happy you shared!


  2. I love that fan! I look for ones like that all the luck so far. Here's my short post. :)


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