Photo Day #5

I take lots and lots of photos in order to keep my Etsy site stocked. I love finding that next super fun treasure to photograph. Weirdly, the weather in San Diego has been SO cloudy that today was the first day in ages that I was abble to take photos of things to sell on Etsy. I open my shop again tomorrow, August 1st, after a short break to regroup and spend a little vacation time relaxing.

I have been so distracted lately, and have not been able to focus on selling or creating while I am at home. I love my day job, and try to balance that with a creative life and family. So far it doesn't feel like I am doing very well. But I can't know for sure until I actually spend some time in the studio making art. Then, I will feel the balance begin to shift and I will like my life a little more! Sounds simple, doesn't it!


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