Around the House - Bird Nests and Buddhas

Sometimes I notice that certain colors, or groups of color, seem to catch my eye. I know that this happens all the time at the thrift stores and rummage sales. One day it is all pink things I notice, then the next it is yellow or red. One day everything I found was aqua - now I never see anyghtin aqua!

While I was taking some photos around the house recently (when the sun was actually shining - gosh it has been grey and cold) it happened again! A little green here, some lovely shades of soft taupe there! And plenty of bird nests - naturally!

I have no idea where I found this delicate green feather, but once I set it in this nest it felt complete!

I know it's a bit blurry - but I sort of like the way it seems to be in motion swirling. Not all nests swirl like this one - it has lots of energy!

There are actually three teeny nests on this vintage vanity mirror - - one in the ceramic pot, one under the green budha and one on the right. These may be partial nests but they are certainly the softest ones I have!

When you walk in my front door this is what greets you - - hopefully it brings the same peace to each person that stops by for a visit! There are lots more bird nests - too many for one blog post, but I will certainly be showing more over time! Every now and then, someone will leave a new nest on my front porch - a most precious gift from winged architects!


  1. That's really lovely. I find that even though I am not a Buddhist I find representations of the Buddha to be calming and happy.
    I know what you mean about seeing certain colors everywhere. I'm in a big turquoise kick right now.

  2. Can't have too many nests! How do I find faeries that will drop them off on my front porch!?
    Want to hear a sweet story? {My husband stores his boat out in the country, he found a nest a few days after he had towed it home . . . didn't want anyone to think I robbed a nest with eggs from it's Mommy!} Sooo . . . I gave it to my daughter's bf, who is a 2nd grade teacher. I had a little golden gift box handy, just a fit, so this is the way I delivered it. Carli leaves it, just that way, and sets it in an area of her classroom where the children are allowed to explore . . . she says that it is the best delight to watch each year, while an inquisitive child will open the box, peer inside, and discover the treasure it holds. Their little faces are filled with the wonder of the discovery.
    How sweet is that!?

  3. Hmmmm someone is into nests...These are just so precious, and that you have more around the house makes me envious. And that there are nests left by your door, WOW.
    I see color families too and the funny thing is that I do my art this way know the orange/red period, the black/gray period. I get tired of a color and then it's time to move on.


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