Nice to be Back!

Have I been busy or what! And, I know it's not just me, everyone seems busy as Spring blossoms around us! I took a vow with my lovely husband, Mr. Lumberjackman - that I would not go to any more thrift stores or church rummage sales until I listed lots and lots of goodies in the Etsy shop!

Here are some of the adorable things that I will be listing and there are lots and LOTS of things to come this weekend!

Fun, right! Loads of things to put in the shop! Just between you and me. . . there are two great church rummage sales in San Diego in June!


  1. I thought that was you! It's good to see you! Neat treasures you're putting up, too! I buy those paper mache cones from McMaster and Storm. {I sort of remember that you liked them}. They're sweet girls, and, I kind of, sort of know Kara, but just on the phone, through my last job. Makes it a little more personal.
    Are you trying to tempt us down to San Diego? Luring us with rummage sales! Indeed! {It could totally work . . . doesn't take much to lure folks to your area!}
    ~ Debbi

  2. Oh wow there are plenty of treasures there...I love it all!
    So glad you're back :)

  3. I was coming by to see your Artful Thursday project but this is just as much fun! Love the vintage yellow wallpaper and is that a PBN of Puss'n Boots? Oh wow! I just added your shop to my favs list. I'm slowly adding a bunch of new items to my shop. Would love to talk "shop" with you one day ;0)



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