I Have Missed My Artful Thursdays!!

So much going on that I have not been in the studio very much . . . but I promise that this weekend I will post about a project I am working on! Still listing goodies in the shop, but I can do that in the evening while I watch action movies!


  1. that top image looks like something i remember from childhood. so cute!


  2. Hello Elyse :)
    Just curious if you would post your door knocker to Australia? Also I'm very interested in your blanket and the bird fun piece. I have an etsy log on but have forgotten password and I've never used etsy to buy sell before so this part new to me. Do you use paypal?
    Hope you are doing well there :)

  3. we have missed you too! can't wait for your shop to be open again and for your artful thursday post.
    hope you had a lovely weekend, julie


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