Still Loving Winter

I have to admit that I am hanging on to some winter treasures. This beautiful wreath came to me in the Year of Color Wreath Swap. My partner was Lorraine from Paperbird and the wreath is still hanging in my living room even after all the other holiday decorations have been lovingly packed away.

In San Diego, I like to grab a little winter wonder when I can. I'm not sure if you can tell, but this is such glittery glam! I adore it and know that I will enjoy it for lots of years to come. Thank you, Lorraine!!


  1. That is a really beautiful wreath. I still have some of our holiday stuff out too...not terribly ready for it to be over.
    Say, speaking of being in San Diego...want me to send you some snow??? Ha ha it's going to be 9 degrees in Columbus, Ohio tonight. My toes have been cold for days!

  2. hi elise,

    this is so sweet and perfectly fine to keep out all winter long. brrrrr - it's so cold where i am (RI) today. enjoy the warm san diego weather!


  3. Hi Elise,

    I LOVE your wreath!! I think you should keep it up until at least - ummmm - Feb. 9!! Wish I could share some of our 2ft. of snow here in Macedonia, OH!!

    Love, Liz:)

  4. Hi Elise- I just found your blog again through artful thursday- I had lost your blog address after the wreath swap and I did not even realize that my etsy order was from you. I love the wreath that you made for me- it is beautiful. I"m glad I was able to connect with you again!


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