Lucky to Find Pautluck

Every now and then I find ANOTHER jewel in Etsy's glittering tiara of shops! I am so lucky to have found Miranda's shop Pautluck! Look at the perfect little gems I found as I pulled the pink tissue paper from the box. They were each beautifully wrapped and I felt special as I opened each package.

A pink and red fabric bundle (so many pieces!) perfect for some projects I have in mind.

Vintage Victorian die -cut roses - in perfect condition and absolutely lovely!

Little tatted crosses - oh my gosh! They are awesome! And came tucked inside a teeny muslin pouch.

And my little angel! How cute is this cabinet photo. I can't wait to honor this sweet baby somehow.

She sent extra goodies! I must be the only person in the crafting world that doesn't have red and white baker's twine - well, now I do. And what about all those sweet little hearts!

Miranda, thank you for making my Valentine holiday special. I love your shop - please consider me a loyal shopper and hooked for good!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!


  1. Look at these precious things! Thansk for sharing the link! Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday! Take care xx

  2. Great post, beautiful blog, and amazing shop!

  3. Such fun stuff! Don't you just love Etsy? I think it is singularly responsible for the reinvention of what I think I've been calling our New Arts and Crafts Era.

    Thank you for stopping by!


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