Artful Thursday Project #2

When I saw Pam Garrison's "Fabric Bits" on her blog last year I knew that I wanted to try and make some myself. So, I have been collecting bits of fun fabric, beads, and embroidery floss for ages. I started my first one last night and finished it tonight - my Artful Thursday project!

I learned to do embroidery before I started sewing. I can remember sitting with my grandmother and working on a tea towel. So it feels like coming home to do this little piece. It measures approx 8 x 8 - just the right size to complete in one or two evenings. Completely unplanned, it is the spontaneity that is SO fun.

Just go for it!


  1. I LOVE this! The word Joy & the picture are fantastic.
    I just started something similar yesterday (not for my Thursday project, though) and it's been fun to put together pieces and bits.

  2. I saw that post slso... WOW Elise! Beautiful, love the colors also! Enjoy your Friday xx

  3. That is so beautiful! Nice! Have a great weekend!

  4. How beautiful Elise!! Your creativeness never ceases to amaze me:)

  5. How right you are - just go for it - I think we'd all be surprised at what we're capable of making if we just let go a bit and trusted our creative instincts!

  6. Gawsh you just always astound me with your cleverness...


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