Holiday Time in San Francisco

I grew up near San Franciso and have lived in the City at various times in my life. When I go to visit around the holidays I get together with my dad in the City and we always go somewhere fun! I am an avid museumaholic and always find something to explore. Here is the routine - I fly into Oakland, take BART to the Embarcadero and my dad meets me there! This last time, I was a little early and we met at Peets Coffee!

First things first - LOVE their lattes!

Here is dad! Caught him arriving - It was raining and the hat was a must for the day! Although, he always wears a hat!! We had a lovely walk to Union Square then back to the car and on to the Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium!

Have you heard about the new building and "Green" rooftop! It was pouring so I didn't take my camera out. But that link will show you how awesome the new building is and the fantastic exhibits. I can remember going to the Aquarium when I was a little girl with my grandparents and how magical it was!

I love the colors and textures of sea creatures! I often use sea urchin images in my own collage.

Here is a detail of a collage using the sea urchin images - these are what they look like without the spines and I can remember walking along the beach as a young girl and finding them washed up on the sand.

There were so many beautiful things to see.

It feels good to reconnect with beauty and nature. I adore being wowed by the brilliant colors and fantastic forms of the sea. Don't you?


  1. peets coffee is my current fave. no peets shops around here though, just from the grocery store.

    thanks for sharing your lovely day with us!


    besides the same name i also wear glasses and i tie my scarf the same way!

  2. Those are lovely pics. I really love going to aquariums. We've been to one in Cincinnati that has a shark tank that you walk under. it's just incredible.
    Hope you have happy holidays!

  3. what an amazing sweet that you and your dad get together for a day, and just hang out!!!!

  4. It sounds to me like you had a fabulous day...Oh, and I am adoring that collage. Absolutely gawgeous!!

  5. Elise, I guess if I haven't heard from you that you haven't received your parcel yet??? It's been over three weeks now - hope it's not got lost, some little vintage treasures from France inside...

  6. Happy New year to you and yours - let's make it a good one!

  7. What a lovely time you must have had! And with your Dad! What an unusually sweet treat! You must cherish the memories! I don't know why I've been so long checking in! I'll have to see if you've accidentally been removed from my "following". Hmmmmmm If so, I'll fix it right now, for certain! So, considering. . . . Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!



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