But It's Not Halloween Yet . . .

I love to find a listing on Ebay that includes lots of "stuff" - and every now and then I really score. I knew I wanted some interesting things to use in my collage and altars, and when I opened this box, I was pleasantly surprised! The photograph on Ebay did not do them justice. Can't wait to use some and put some of them in my Etsy shop! Not only were there vintage Christmas goodies, but there were other odds and ends that I didn't see in the original photo.

These little plastic snowmen are so darn cute! And I love the Santas also. In the box there was quite a mix of things. Most were Christmas goodies - but these beads are REALLY cool!

There was a huge bag of them and the colors are the best Fall shades, honey brown, soft beige and a dark brown, almost black. They would be a cool addition to a garland for Thanksgiving . . . hmmm.

Then there are these lovely teeny tiny flags - they are sheer and seem to be silk or something like silk. They remind me of flower petals - I have no idea how old they are, but guess the 1950's. Pretty fun find in the Christmas box!


  1. Oh I LOVE these - let me know if you put the top wooden ones online!


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