My Feminine side is showing again. . .

It always amazes me to go to two or three thrift stores and find out which color I am emotionally attracted to this time. And once it starts, look out! Cause it just keeps on coming. It was fun to try to find something besides PINK, but it wasn't meant to be.

Found a super duper vintage metal cake stand that, in its heyday, played the happy birthday tune music-box style. If John has his way there my be a singing cake stand in my future. Also found an adorable powder puff container with a pink rim and, of course, more roses.

More sweet items - how about this clever little heart-shaped pin cushion? And some classy-and-sassy screw-on earrings, a pink roses plastic purse (makeup, or hankies are possible). The roll of satin ribbon is so lovely, and I can use that on more of the hand-sewn projects I am working on.


  1. Those are so sweet. How lucky!

  2. Oh I haven't been thrifting for weeks and I'm dying to be let loose at a flea market. Might try and go on Saturday... Too busy with my kids, blog and shop... Thanks for your lovely message and support!


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