I Love Etsy!

May I just say how awesome people are in the Etsy community! And how creative! Recently I have purchased a few things because, frankly, I wanted them! I get such a kick out of selling on Etsy, and don't get me wrong, it rocks - but it is still a thrill to get a package in the mail!

I found Cori's illustration work on my friend Deb's website. The lovely delicate lines and sense of humor are so refreshing. And the title was so perfect for me "Fruitful Labor". I do juggle quite a few things, day job, family, creative life, Etsy - I want to be able to do it gracefully, if I can!

One of my absolute FAVORITE shops on Etsy is One Ripe Peach - Every now and then I treat myself to something from Ellen's shop.

These sweet Halloween bits will be used (somehow - don't want to give it away) for the Sweet and Sinister Swap I am participating in through A Year of Color.

Here is the extra 'Bag of Goodies" that Ellen is giving with every purchase through the month of September. Seriously! How did she get so much into this bag she created out of a child's book!! I love it, and I believe that she creates because she loves it too!! Thank you, Ellen!!

It was because of her carefree approach to sewing that I bought another sewing machine and have been creating baby quilts from vintage sheets! And just fooling around! For those of you, like me, who were taught to sew as little girls, you know how fun it can be to get back to it! Don't know about you, but I was the geeky girl who made all of her high school clothes!

I purchased the vintage sheets from a lovely Etsy shop LemonBlooms - two people at work are pregnant and I just hope I can finish these sweet quilts before those babies are in college!

I can't write about Etsy without thanking all the people who take the time to look at my shop, and who have purchased from me for the last 6 months! You all totally rock, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to send something to you. I know how much fun it is to get a package in the mail, and I want to inspire each and every one of you to keep creating! Find a few minutes, EVERY DAY to do something that fills your heart. Don't wait. There is a whole wonderful world filled with goodies that want to be in your next project - have fun hunting for them!!!


  1. Oh thanks so much for mentioning me - I'm thrilled to bits that you like my blog:) Cori's work is divine (love the illustration you've found).

  2. oh....thank you so much for mentioning my etsy shop...soooo super sweet! I was the girl who made almost all of my clothes too....although I remember getting so many compliments on my handmade clothing...and still do. I too am working on a quilt out of vintage sheets for my sweet pea....gotta LOVE those yummy vintage linens!

  3. BEEEEE-utiful! Glad you like the linens and thank you so very, very much for the mention!


  4. I also love Etsy, and receiving packages in the mail! :)

    I hope to open a shop in the near future!


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