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A Year of Color 2009 Summer Swap - NARCISSUS by Barbara Bechtel

I am a member of the blog A Year of Color. It is a fabulous year-long tribute to color and hosted by Kari Ramstrom with a guest artist contributing each month. I love it!!

So, I thought I would participate in the Summer Swap, what a great way to create on a deadline (although I admit that mine when out a couple of days late). And it is always really cool to see how each person interprets the theme. My swap partner and I chose summer gardens as a theme and the format was 8x8. Fun, right!? Absolutely!! Even so, I can not even describe how much joy I felt when I opened my package from Barbara and found this beautiful collage, the fun seed packets and lovely pendant.

Barbara Bechtel is a skilled artist and it certainly shows. I love her choice of colors (fabu) and her composition. She is devoted to the details, and the craft involved in her piece is pristine. Plus, what a great sense of humor - the seed packets say " A Hillbilly Favorite" - yup, I can see why they would be! You can see more of her pendants in her Etsy shop Floridity, you can also check out her blog.

Thank you, Barbara!!


  1. Thank you for dropping in today :-) I think you are awesome too! And Kudos to Barbara as well!


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