My Etsy Shop is Featured on a Really Cool Blog

Yup, I am really lucky - one of my wonderful buyers on Etsy was sweet enough to nominate me to be on the Etsy OWLS Team Blog as the Stellar Seller - how cute is that!! Thank you Blackcatmima for nominating me! You will have to go to the website to figure out the acronym!

One of the great things about Etsy (and there are so many great things) is that there are teams created for everything under the sun! It's more opportunity to connect and learn from one another, love that!
This is a full image of a cigar box shrine I made and gave to my dad on father's day a year ago, or so. All of those little flowers were from Bangkok, and I covered the doll arms with lovely Japanese paper. So fun to do!!


  1. You are so welcome, sweetie! You totally deserved a little moment in the OWLie spotlight. :o)

  2. Congrats, what an honor!! :)


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